3D Imaging


One of the new and amazing technologies we’ve introduced pi-orthophos-sl-patient-positionierungrecently is the Orthophos SL 3D digital Cone Beam.   Cone Beam radiography is basically a three-dimensional (3D) x-ray, and it’s an amazing tool for being able to find and diagnose problems that we wouldn’t typically see with a conventional two-dimensional (2D) x-ray.  We are the first in our area to implement this newest machine which represents the absolutely most advanced imaging technology.

3D X-rays provide an amazing image of a patient’s mouth, giving a far more accurate picture of his or her dental needs.  This technology also allows us to virtually plan exactly where implants should go and we are able to fabricate a physical guide in our office to make sure the implant goes where we planned.3d-xrays Michael Bass DDS PA

Radiation from this 3D system is less than that received from a conventional full set of x-rays.

This technology allows us to keep our implant fees lower since we are able to perform everything in-house.